My Story

juice_cleanse cropped

Ever since my teenage years, I tried to change my body. I tried almost every fad out there. I tried all the diets, detoxes and cleanses.

vegetarianism (born this way). check.

calorie counting. check.

low-carb or no-carb. check.

cabbage soup. check.

grapefruit diet. check.

vegan diet. check.

gluten-free diet. check.

no dairy. check.

cayenne in warm lemonade. check.

Throughout all of this, my weight fluctuated as much as my moods. And something always felt like it was missing. None of those diets were lasting.

Then, my father underwent a severe heart attack and everything changed. For almost 60 days, as he lay in an induced coma in the ICU, my priorities changed (to say the least). I promised myself that once my father recovered, I would spend the rest of my life making a difference and making sure no one else has to see their loved ones the way I saw mine.

So I embarked on a journey. Instead of looking for ways to make my body slimmer, I looked for ways to make my body healthier. I researched the latest science along with ancient medicinal systems from all over the world. They call it different things in different parts of the world – enema in Latin, basti in Sanskrit, enienai in Greek, irrigation du côlon in French and the Ebers Papyrus in Egypt has some hieroglyphics for it too. The overall message remains the same:
Be empty before you can be filled.

And that’s where Om:Hydrotherapy comes in… Bringing the wisdom and knowledge of the thousands of years of history combined with the simplicity and know-how of science to the 21st century.


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