Why Colon Cleansing?

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Imagine cleaning your home everyday and never taking out the trash… That’s what it’s like inside our permanent homes – our bodies. Colon lavage helps take out our bodies’ trash, some of which has been sitting there for toooooo long.

Our colon is made to

  • absorb the vitamins and minerals from the foods that are digested
  • eliminate toxins and waste from the body to ensure smooth digestion

That sounds great! So what’s the Picture 15

The colon becomes blocked due to our ingestion of processed foods, lack of fiber, dehydration and several other reasons.

When the colon is blocked, it

  • inhibits the movement of waste matter,
  • blocks optimal absorption of nutrients,
  • and stagnates metabolism.

In short, we get fat congested unhealthy

With just a little bit of gravity and lots of H2O, colon cleansing can bring you clarity.

At Om:Hydrotherapy, we release the blockage using a simple method:

the gentle, gravity-based flow of water rinses out your colon.

No high-pressure machines.

Just gravity + H2O.




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